Talent Profile
Andrea Bornstein
Andrea is a professional actor, screenwriter and voiceover artist whose versatile and mellifluous voice brings every project to life.  The perfect combination of an actor’s brain and an angel’s voice, Andrea employs her intrinsic creative flair to deliver vital, dynamic and engaging reads. Her professional writing experience brings an additional level of understanding to every script, combined with perfect comic timing and the ability to embody an impressive range of characters, Andrea makes every project shine. A pleasure to deal with, Andrea is a client favourite; punctual, professional and passionate, her dedication to her craft is evident in every session. 

Andrea voices national and international campaigns across television, radio and online, from commercial brand advertising to corporate narration, online explainer videos, radio spots and more.  

Andrea Bornstein Compilation demo 2020
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Andrea Bornstein Corporate demo
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Andrea Bornstein Retail demo
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Andrea Bornstein Character demo
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Andrea Bornstein
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